Utica Green
Sara Bishop
All This Time
She'll Never Know
My Happy Face
High Five
Dander and Feathers

Penumbrae from Detroit, Michigan have established themselves as a solid AAA oriented pop band. In July of 2005 the band released their debut full-length disc entitled "One Way Drive" and it reveals the band fully-formed. Coupled with mature emotional lyricism and high-level musicianship, the disc illustrates a strong chemistry between the musicians throughout. Lish's soaring vocals guide the listener at once from the tight rock songs and artful, low-key ballads to explore more challenging time signatures while providing an undeniable accessibility. Lyrically each song is a broad brush stroke presenting a very human side and all elements work wonderful together.

Tracks from "One Way Drive" have received airplay on WQKL, WHFR, WCKS, WLNZ, WIDR, WWSP, WLTL, WBKE, WYCE, WBGU, WNMC, WSDP, WBLD, WORT, WBSD, WJHS, WLVR, WRCT, WDBM, WHFR, and have appeared in-studio with Mitch Albom at WJR on his nationally syndicated show and Pam Rossi's 'Overeasy' on WCSX.

Press quotes:

"Woah. Refreshing." - Real Detroit Weekly

"Mixing rock and folk, Penumbrae is a sweet breath of melody-driven relaxation." - City Beat, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Penumbrae are a pop band with some serious potential out of the metro area." - Adam Rey, host of "Homegrown" on WQKL-FM

"Penumbrae, a really sweet sounding Lucinda Williams-inspired group from Detroit." - Spencer2005.com

"This girl can sing beautifully...it would definitely be a treat to hear them again." - Jam Rag 2003

"The first time I heard Penumbrae, I knew I had discovered something special. I look forward to playing track I can get my hands on." -Johnny B., host of "Acoustic Alternatives," WHFR-FM

Album Credits:
Produced by Jeff Robinson & Penumbrae
Recorded and Mixed by Jeff Robinson
Basic tracks cut at the Tempermill Studios to 2" analog tape Subsequent overdubs and mixing on the Third Monk Mobile unit
Digital-to-Analog transfers to 1/2" analog tape at Studio A
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at the Mastering Lab


website:  www.penumbrae.net
contact e-mail:  penumbraejam@yahoo.com


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