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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Four years and still rockin...woo-hoo!

Third Monk Records continues to develop artists and release product on an international scale.


May 21, 2005 will see the Detroit release (national release to follow within 60 days) of the Penumbrae debut 11-song CD entitled "One Way Drive". Careful work since September has made this disc what it is and the band sound brilliant. A 5-piece quintet bridging the sonic gaps between Phish-Pink Floyd and Radiohead. Basic tracks were cut at the Tempermill Studios in Ferndale, Michigan and ensuing overdubs were done with the Third Monk mobile unit at various locations around Metro Detroit.

Since the disc was mastered by Gavin Lurssen at the Mastering Lab, songs have already been aired on WSDP-FM, WHFR-FM, WRAX-FM and the band have performed live on the nationally syndicated Mitch Albom show as well as in the studios of WHFR-FM at Henry Ford Community College. Further non-comercial radio airplay and a fall tour to college campuses in the midwest are in the cards for the band. Let's wish them the best!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the iTunes/Pepsi promotion. With the deadline for use of Pepsi product caps with free downloads passing on May 23, 2005, we are grateful to anyone who had the opportunity to download Third Monk Records artists for free. Songs from Third Monk Records artists remain available at all paid download sites from iTunes to to

After the analog tape scare we had back in December, it is a great, great thing that Quantegy tape has been bought by 2 past employees. The analog tape domain is precious and without it, the record making process would be seriously hindered. Even in the face of the Digital Audio Workstation, the essence of analog tape can still be an essential ingredient to produce amazing recordings of great songs. Better still to think that Emtec (BASF) is back in the fray and ATR Services in Pennsylvania will be making their own analog tape.

The music industry should continue to regain it's strength in the next 5 to 10 years while it recovers from the attack of the evil 3-headed hydra- namely Corporate Radio, illegal MP3 downloading and the advent of the Digital Audio Workstation. With great trepidation, we should all be concerned and closely monitor the Elliot Spitzer Payola investigation in New York State and encourage legislation to be passed in Washington, D.C. to eliminate the ridiculous concept of songs as 'paid' advertisements. As for the rest, everyman is empowered with their Digitial Audio Workstations and the industry finally has a grasp on how to make money selling mp3s.

Let's hope for the best!

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