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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Third Year Anniversary

This past March marked the 3rd year of existance for Third Monk Records. The label has seen a release per year up to this point and it is clear that the future of the music industry is with the internet and digital technologies. Matthew Harrison, Flaming June and Adam Austin all have their music available on the internet now in paid download form and for this we are thankful!!!

I have just finished Producing, Recording and Mixing of the debut of Detroit, Michigan based 'Avenue'. The EP entitled 'Answer my call' will be released in the 3rd quarter of 2004. You can visit their website at:

I have also recently begun pre-production with another Detroit-based act called 'Penumbrae'. We have selected 11 songs (out of 20) for their full-length debut. Studio time is booked for late September and subsequent overdubs and mixing will take place thereafter. The disc should be ready for release by late November 2004.

In the past year Third Monk Records has taken flak for the 'paid demo submission' policy. This will be discontinued. It cut down greatly the number of demos Third Monk Records received and increased the quality of product submitted immensely. Third Monk Records will continue to provide the same artist services it has in the past for artists Third Monk Records chooses to work with.

Third Monk Records will be beginning a new forum entitled 'the Epicurean Monk'. What I have found in servicing our own Third Monk Records product to various publications nationally, is that the possibility of garnering a review for an independently released CD is extremely, extremely slim unless there is a corresponding 'ad-buy'. What 'the Epicurean Monk' link will provide is a guaranteed review for the artist for a flat rate exchange of $40. The review will remain indefinitely posted on the Epicurean Monk webpage- no questions asked. If your disc has a unique barcode, is professionally packaged and is pressed, not burned, then the Epicurean Monk will review it no matter what the genre! Cool AND predictable!

Through recommendations by local artists in Detroit, I began teaching in the recording curriculum at Schoolcraft College in January of 2004. As an adjunct faculty member in the music department, I have taken on the Music 173 Basic Recording Techniques I and also Music 130 Ear Training for the Recording Engineer courses in what is an exploding schoolastic program. This is in direct relation to the prevalance of the Digital Audio Workstation in the recording industry. The DAW has become the defacto standard in the realm of record making.

Thanks for the support!!!

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