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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Label Second Year Anniversary

In March of 2003, it will have been 2 years since Third Monk Records came into existance.

Last fall saw the release of Los Angeles alt country singer/songwriter Adam Austin. After several years working as a set dresser on many of the biggest Hollywood films, Adam Austin befriended Hollywood film director Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Darkman, For love of the game, The Gift) while working on the superhero action movie "Spiderman". Taking an interest in the music of Adam Austin and believing strongly in Adam's artistic vision, Mr. Raimi helped finance this debut release. Borrowing members of the Lucinda Williams band, Adam has created a sound which hearkens to best of Crosby, Stills and Nash. Third Monk Records is very excited about this release!

Currently, Third Monk is developing Detroit based act 'Step 13'. A solid pop/rock act in the style of Matchbox 20 or Coldplay, Third Monk is culitivating the necessary focus to a very talented band. New music should be available in the coming months.

In the past 2 years, Third Monk has also served in a much more altruistic sense in a role that may help improve the music industry. Working as a watchdog of sorts with regard to the Corporate Radio/Payola situation that has become prevalent since the signing of the 'Telecommunications Act of 1996'. Coming up against the problem headlong with the Matthew Harrison disc "Charmed" at commercial alternative radio and finding out from various Program Directors that it would cost approximately $500-$1500 per new ad at a commercial radio station, Third Monk made the decision to work closely with the Los Angeles Times and ABC News to bring this issue to light. Obviously as an independent artist collective with modest roots, Third Monk could not afford the half million dollars it would have cost to make Matthew Harrison an overnight success nationally. Third Monk naively proceeded thinking the strength of the music would prevail and simply stated what we found out is this- music on public owned airwaves should not be 'paid advertising'- nor should it ever should be. More disturbing and at the detriment to the art, the broadcast conglomerates that have licensed these signals from the F.C.C. continue to abuse them on a daily basis. They play songs which have been paid for with absolutely no disclosure to the listenership about the practice.

Third Monk filed complaints about this situation in 2001 with the F.C.C., Senators John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Joseph Lieberman, Harry Reid, Orrin Hatch, Babara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and Representative Billy Tauzin. Third Monk also filed with the Attorney General in the state of California. Concurrent (and/or since) the exposure of this problem, Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold has drafted the 'Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act' which was put before the House on January 28, 2003. The passage of this Bill is absolutely essential for the improved health of the music industry. People who are quick to blame the internet for the demise of the music industry fail to realize that it's the constriction at the main outlet source for new music that is at fault. With playlists taking on a 'national' scope instead of a 'local' viewpoint, indiosyncracies and local taste are sacrificed for money. Local programmers lose their ability to program and what songs get played is determined by what songs the radio station can bill for via their indie promoter.

On a brighter note, Third Monk Records will begin to develop the sale of MP3 singles via this website. Focusing on material that Third Monk has cultivated, MP3 singles will be priced between $.99 and $1.49 and payments will be able to be made through Paypal. Anyone with interests in purchasing any of the existing Third Monk material via such means can make that request through the e-mail link on this site.

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