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Friday, March 01, 2002

Label First Year Anniversary

In March of 2002, it will have been a year since Third Monk Records came into existance. The label debuted with the brilliant solo album "Charmed" by Las Vegas artist Matthew Harrison. The process of promoting Matthew's disc to radio exposed many issues with the state of the radio industry since the Telecom Act of 1996. Friday night, May 24, 2002, a primetime feature story on ABC News 20/20 will cover some details of attempting to get airplay on a very limited budget as an independent musician. This release represents wholeheartedly the struggle that unsigned (to major labels) musicians around the United States have to face with regard to getting exposure for their product. Fortunately, the strength of Matthew's record and Matthew's ability as a performer has enabled Third Monk Records to prepare some future releases by other new artists.

Coming in the second quarter of 2002, Third Monk Records will be releasing the debut EP "Finally Found" from alt country/roots rock artist Adam Austin. After several years working as a set dresser on many of the biggest Hollywood films, Adam Austin befriended Hollywood film director Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Darkman, For love of the game, The Gift) while working on the forthcoming superhero action movie "Spiderman". Taking an interest in the music of Adam Austin and believing strongly in Adam's artistic vision, Mr. Raimi helped finance this debut release. Borrowing members of the Lucinda Williams band, Adam has created a sound which hearkens to best of Crosby, Stills and Nash. Third Monk Records is very excited about this forthcoming release!

Preparing for the third quarter and the return of students to college, will be the debut release from Fresno's "Flaming June". This album entails the best elements of the British sound filtered through the perspective of a band hailing from the western United States. With a sound that ranges from Oasis to The Doves, Flaming June's "Waterloo" is destined to become a staple at College Radio stations nationwide in 2002.

Soon Third Monk Records will begin a groundbreaking service that will offer young, unsigned bands nationwide the opportunity to have a professional mix engineer of their choice remix demo material for a fraction of what industry professionals usually charge. A listing of engineers and their discographies will be found at the "mix management" link on this site. Bands will be able to browse and then choose which engineer remixes their tracks. With Pro Tools being the defacto industry standard at this time, any band that has tracks recorded in this domain will be able to present them to their chosen mix engineer and gather the best, competitive mix to help ensure the future success of their band and hopefully increase the impact of their demo!

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