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Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday, September 3, 2007

Has it been 2 years since the last update? Alot has

Third Monk Records the recording studio is now open in
Plymouth, Michigan. The studio has a hybrid set-up
utilizing vintage Studer and Otari tape machines with
a Mac-based Pro Tools system. For rock tracks, the
essential coloration of analog tape can now be part of
any recording. Gone are the days of having to book
other studios for my own projects.

Bands can contact the studio and either get solid,
affordable engineering- or work with me in a
Production capacity. Click on the rate link for more

Highlights of the past few years have been acquiring
some new and necessary equipment for the studio. A
Red Vintage microphone is now in the house for vocals
and other overdubs. An Apex 460 tube condensor mic is
also available for overdubs. Both offer a more
sophisticated sound beyond the cheap condensor mics of
most project studios. A pair of Trident S20 preamps
have made an essential appearance as well.

>From a producer standpoint, the past few months has
seen Detroit band Woodward release their debut "...but
your kids are gonna love it". The album was produced,
recorded and mixed at Third Monk and is the first
full-length recording to come out of this studio. The
band played great and you can see them on the road
across the midwest this fall. You can visit them at

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